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smart times 2017
16th and 17th June - Salou, Spain

thesmartclub will be bringing you the latest news, information and reviews from the superb location for smart times 2017 - Salou on the north east coast of Spain.

Situated only 92km south of Barcelona airport, the venue for the 2017 smart times event offers you amazing beaches, sea and a vast range of activities and attractions  in the surrounding area.

The March 2017 edition of '4site' smart magazine will contain dedicated section for smart times in Salou and we'll also be publishing a range of associated links via this page.

If you have not yet Registered for smart times 2017 you can do so now at

where you will also find additional Event information provided by smart over the coming months.

Meantime, the following links provide you with PDF downloads for

A stroll around Salou (5.0Mb)
Accommodation in Salou (4.5Mb)

....more to follow! 

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