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YOUR FEEDBACK The smart Festival 2011 
10th September at Mercedes-Benz World, Brooklands, UK

Our thanks to everyone for helping make this year's smart Festival so successful. 1433 cars attended making this the largest smart event yet in 2011.

Who gets the results?

Ever since we worked on the London to Brighton runs in 2000, we always seek feedback from participants after each event.  Of course, thesmartclub continues to be registered under the Data Protection Act (see our Privacy link at the foot of this page) and we never pass any personal details on to any third party. The answers you provide on this survey will be grouped with all other answers submitted and these summarised results will be sent to Mercedes-Benz UK and Mobile Promotions Ltd to assist with future event planning.

Can I see the results?

In addition, as we always do, we will publish the results online via this page.  We'll also show you these balanced against the 2008 and 2009 results for comparison purposes.

What made the 2011 event different?

Well it was still free of charge!  In addition, and contrary to urban myth, 2011 saw more traders invited to attend than any previous year.  In addition, there were more traders present than in any previous year. As with the 2009 event, although thesmartclub was not involved in any of the online Registration process although we did provide telephone and email helpline support.  In future years, we would hope to provide you with services similar to those in 2008 when we can coordinate Dealership start venues and provide you with secure online event Registration.  That said, the 2011 event was the largest smart car attendance recorded at a UK smart festival and it's a testament to the planning and close liaison between all parties involved coupled with the superb support of Mercedes-Benz and smart UK that this years event was so successful.

We greatly value your time in completing this short survey - every submission is entered into our database and we always promise to share the results with you.

My thanks to the 1400+ smart car drivers included in the 5000+ visitors to this year's smart Festival for making it such a success.

The survey is now closed. 

Thank you to the 471 people who completed our online form and we'll be publishing the results shortly.

Kind regards

Al Young
Chairman & Managing Director
thesmartclub ltd   


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