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All sheets have been submitted by Members and many come with pictures to take you step-by-step through each task - these pages supplement the information contained in our 'How To' section of the MessageBoard but provide you with an easily accessed and printable version of many tasks. Note that thesmartclub accepts no liability for any damage, injury or loss you may incur as a result of using the information contained in these pages.  Clicking of the 'Access smart sheets' link below or otherwise viewing these sheets indicates you acceptance of these terms.

We'll publish more information as it's compiled and for a range of smart models.

All sheets are available for download, free of charge, in Adobe PDF format - an option to download the Adobe Reader is also provided on the smart sheet page:

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Article submission - how to send us information for a smart sheet

If you have any original DIY procedures you wish to share with our Members, you should email your text and any images (in any format) to

If we publish your article, we'll send you a code which entitles you to a 12.00 (or US dollar/Euro equivalent) refund on any item(s) purchased from our Online Shop*.  

No part of any smart sheet may be reproduced in part or in whole without the prior consent of thesmartclub.
Note that carrying out some DIY work on your smart may invalidate any warranty remaining on your smart - if in doubt contact your local smart centre or email thesmartclub (See 'Contact Us' section from Main Menu) * The total value of goods ordered including any postage and packing must be equal or greater to 12.00 (or the US dollar/Euro) equivalent to qualify for this refund.  Special offer valid through to January 2005.  The decision to publish submissions rests with thesmartclub.  Submission of a document indicates your acceptance of the terms and that the document may or may not be published. Terms and conditions may change - details will be published in advance on this page.  If you have any queries regarding this offer, email 

Al Young, Chairman, thesmartclub


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