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  • ALL our Online services PLUS
  • FOUR copies of our '4site' international smart magazine, professionally printed in full colour and delivered to your door throughout the year PLUS
  • Our 'Privilege Card' (normally 10.00 per annum) offering you discounts from from 3rd party companies, Dealers and thesmartclub's Online Shop and thesmartclub national and international events PLUS
  • Our club sticker for your smart PLUS
  • FREE valuation on new/used smart car prices PLUS
  • 0845 (BT local call rate*) telephone support

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? You can renew your Membership Card and continue benefiting from discounted prices now for a payment of only 19.50 (nineteen pounds fifty pence) per annum - you can also pay in Euro or US dollar.  Your  payment covers you for a full 12 months from the date of renewal and each 12 month period thereafter will be charged at 19.50 per annum.  You should receive your Membership Card within 28 days of application.

WHAT IF I WISH TO CANCEL? Your Membership Card is only 19.50 (or Euro, US Dollar equivalent) for each twelve month period and, in the unlikely event that you no longer wish to benefit from the discounts available (or, for example, no longer own your smart)  you can cancel your card and agreement at any time.  Simply email or access WorldPay directly (details of the email address and procedures are automatically mailed to you after application or are available prior to applying by clicking on the relevant links on the Membership application form). 

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