Your chance to join thesmartclub has never been easier and you can benefit from a whole range of online services and the best of all things smart.  Just look at the benefits you receive:

FULL Membership of thesmartclub
giving you:

  • FULL access to ALL our Online Services, Member Areas and ALL areas of our Forum including For Sale & Wanted
  • Access to FOUR copies of our online quarterly '4site' smart magazine plus online access to all back issues (back issues live June 2018)
  • Personal email updates (assuming you have opted in for email communications) with information relevant to your smart, the Club, local Retailer offers plus local, national and international events
  • Our 'Membership Card' offering discount on all club events where an event fee is payable
  • Discounts during 'special offer' events and access to our entire range of branded clothes and accessories in our online Shop.  You can even add personalisation (such as your name or Forum user name or local smart Meeting name) to the majority of our products
  • Our club sticker for your smart
  • FREE valuation on new/used smart car prices (email us at with full details of your smart)
  • 0845 telephone support (UK based calls) or International: +44-845-299-0332
  Annual Charge **
UK resident Membership  19.50 
(19.50 GBP)

Note that in our ongoing fraud prevention services to protect you, we operate under the following principles for Membership Services at the time of application and renewal - please ensure that you are familiar with these before proceeding - our full Terms & Conditions are available HERE and via the link at the foot of this page.
at time of Application or Renewal
Applicant/Member Credit/Debit Card Holder
    If name and address match Applicant receives all documentation, Membership Card and '4site' Magazine

If names differ
Postal addresses match

Receives '4site' Magazine only Receives Payment and Renewal Correspondence
and Membership Card in name of Applicant
    Where names differ AND 
Postal addresses differ
Not authorised and Membership not permitted
If process completed, a refund less the 2.00 administration fee 
would be made to Credit/Debit Card Holder subject to our Terms & Conditions


Please note that your Application will be processed as soon as possible. When this processing has been completed, together with successful clearance of your WorldPay payment in respect of Membership, we will formally write to you with your Membership Card and associated details. This letter will be posted to the Member postal address and will follow email confirmation advising you of your Membership ID and Password.

  Annual Charge **
UK resident Membership 19.50 
(19.50 GBP)


 Calls to our 0845 number from anywhere in the UK are charged at the relevant BT rate.  Different rates may apply to callers from a non-BT network
** Annual fee with no additional joining fee.  Note that your renewal fee (due 12 months after joining) will be automatically requested by WorldPay and your renewal fee is the same amount as your initial Membership fee.  Under Distance Selling Regulations however, we will write to your registered postal address in advance of any Membership being renewed and as such, you can opt not to renew at any point up until the Membership anniversary (12 months after your Membership first went live).  In addition you can cancel your Membership at any time by emailing 

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