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Magazine Article Submission Process


Welcome to the our Article Submission area in respect of thesmartclub's '4site' Magazine.

This is your chance to offer an article for consideration in a forthcoming issue of '4site' - you can also send us associated pictures (see below) and best of all, it's 100% free of charge for individuals and third party companies.

Your article submission is sent to us via secure (128 bit encrypted) protocol.

Thank you for your continued support - we look forward to receiving your articles!

Al Young
Chairman & Managing Director
thesmartclub ltd

Please ensure you have read the following prior to submitting your article:
  • All fields on the '4site' Magazine submission form must be completed.
  • All authors have up to 4000 characters of text to use for your article
  • All authors may also submit a maximum of two pictures or graphics to be associated with the text submitted.  Images must be emailed to and cross referenced with the article title.  thesmartclub ltd reserves the right to crop any image submitted.  Not all or any images submitted may be used in '4site'.  Authors can submit images in any format up to a maximum size of 500k each image.
  • All authors will reserve and retain all copyright to their articles.
  • All photographers will reserve and retain all copyright to any pictures they have taken and which they submit.
  • All articles forwarded for submission must contain all the relevant required fields on the submission form.
  • Not all articles submitted will be published in the next or forthcoming issues.  thesmartclub reserves the right to publish in a later issue of '4site' if it is felt that the content is more suitable to a specific issue of the Magazine.  In all instances, authors will be advised of the status of their submission.
  • thesmartclub ltd will not take any liability for any of your published material.
  • thesmartclub ltd expects that all authors respect national and international copyright and intellectual property laws. thesmartclub ltd will not be liable or responsible for any infringement of these laws.
  • thesmartclub ltd will respect your privacy, please read our Privacy Statement (opens in new window).
  • Author's are permitted to submit more than one article but each article must be relevant to one category. If you do not see a category listed that you feel is most appropriate for the subject matter of your article, please contact
  • All articles submitted by you must be written/authored by you. Plagiarism is not permitted.  Anyone found to be  guilty of copyright infringement will have their access to thesmartclub ltd closed and any further action deemed necessary may be pursued.
  • Your article should serve to educate and inform and it should not be a simple promotional advert (see below). For example, it may include How To's, Tips, Strategies, Techniques, Case-studies, Analyses, Event Reviews and/or commentary in your articles from your own experience.
  • All and any Commercial articles must be submitted with the correct Category heading.
  • Any 3rd Party company simply wishing to advertise their services by means of a promotional advert (rather than a retrospective article or review of an Event or piece of work) should contact
  • thesmartclub ltd is looking for original, quality articles with content that is informational and well thought out. Articles with grammatical or spelling errors will be edited where possible. Formatting may be amended to suit our Magazine layout.
  • Article Submission does not mean your article will be automatically accepted and included in '4site'. thesmartclub ltd has the sole authority to accept or reject any article. 
  • Spamming of this service not be tolerated. Submitting multiple copies, (3 or more), of the same article using different Titles, or with only slight modifications is forbidden.
  • Authors submitting articles to '4site' for approval will not be compensated in any way, for the writing or submitting of any article.
  • Offensive content will be cause for immediate account termination. Articles must not promote hate, racism, pornography, hacking, bomb building, terrorism or any other illegal and/or offensive activities. Materials published in '4site' must not intentionally set out to harass, threaten, embarrass or cause distress or discomfort. thesmartclub ltd reserves the right to categorize any content as offensive.
  • '4site' is a trademark of thesmartclub Magazine.  thesmartclub is a brand of thesmartclub ltd.

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