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 2018 BRABUS Bottrop visit and 20th Anniversary smart Celebration at Hambach, France
Update 31 January 09:00hrs

As many of you know, the 20th Anniversary celebration of smart will take place at the smart production facilities, in Hambach, France on 30th June 2018.

Since 2000, thesmartclub has taken groups of smart owners and enthusiasts on an annual pilgrimage to Hambach, the birthplace of smart and it is our plan to do so again in 2018.

That 2018 plan (provisional at present) is to leave the UK on Sunday 24th June and travel to Bottrop, Germany.

We have accommodation arranged and plan a BRABUS visit on Tuesday 26th June.

We will then aim to visit smartville later that week for a full factory tour.  

We have block booked accommodation in Saarbrucken following Bottrop to ensure you benefit from a hotel close to the Hambach venue.  

We then finish the week with the 20th Anniversary celebration by smart on the afternoon of Saturday 30th June.

We have the majority of confirmations from third party companies all in place but we are awaiting confirmation from Hambach re potential tour dates.  

This page will be updated as soon as final details are known.  A date for launch of online application forms will be provided at that time and similar announcements will also go live on Facebook (thesmartclub) and twitter (@thesmartclub) in addition to promotion via The smart Racing Club social media channels.

Meantime, you can learn more about the 20th Anniversary afternoon event at 

Al Young
Chairman & Managing Director
thesmartclub ltd


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